The Grey Area

New personal twitter account at A quick note unrelated to this post: Thanks to Amanda Vandervort ( linking up to my blog in one of her recent posts, I now feel pressured to get on here and write more frequently. I was for the time content to only promote this to my internal personal … Continue reading

Importance of Mentors/Professional Influences

As the saying goes, it’s WHO you know, not what you know. However, who you know, greatly impacts what you know and that is very important at all rungs of the ladder. My life is filled with influences from a professional stand point that lasted from brief encounters, to semesters in college, to years at a job and longer (and hopefully longer still).

Sports Marketing – What do I do?

It’s about time that I put something up about sports marketing and will try to explain what it is that I do. This will be beneficial for the vast majority of my friends and family that don’t completely understand. Definition of Marketing – Management process through which goods and services move from concept to the … Continue reading

Spirit of Kansas City

Spirit of Kansas City by Norman Rockwell and John Atherton The painting above was commissioned by Joyce Hall founder of Hallmark, a Kansas City company, after the city was devasted by flood in 1951. “This is the story of a courageous city fighting back after a terrible blow by a giant flood,” Hall told Rockwell. “This is … Continue reading